About Us

Who We Are

HTC Depot Ltd was founded in 2008 by Iyad Hatoum in the Northern Region of Ghana as the first trading company in Tamale that deals in wide range of construction related products. The company expanded its operation by establishing good relationships with dealers across the country. The company is a prominent player in the products and equipment supply for many industries such as (Construction , Oil & Gas, Mining ,Farming, Energy and more) with a primary focus on light construction equipment’s, power tools, water pumps , Solar
systems, safety equipment, construction equipment and power generators across the Country.

HTC Depot Ltd has become a household name and a trusted supplier for various prestigious international companies and NGOs in Ghana and therefore, experienced consistent growth since its commencement. In 2015, the company ventured into Agriculture and Irrigation activities and became one of the trusted and chosen supplier by NGOs and Government entities for the execution of irrigation projects.


To constantly improve our position by entering new markets and diversifying our activities. We aim to achieve long term growth by focusing on our stakeholders.


To bring technology products and solutions to the market and work effectively towards fulfilling a high demand for our products.


INTEGRITY: we consistently work to earn the respect and trust off all our stakeholders.
EXCELLENCE: we are in a continuous search for excellence. We are hungry for learning and achieving
excellence in all our activities. Growing is our goal.
COMMITMENTS: We are dedicated to the success of our employees, customers and partners.
PASSION: We strive to keep growing, diversifying our activities and constantly investigating the market and its need. Our achievements have been and will be achieved by the enthusiasm transmitted all over the company.
CLIENT VALUE CREATION: Work alongside our customers to help them grow and consistently delivering value.
TEAMWORK: We put emphasis on creating a good atmosphere that fosters loyalty, productivity and improves collaboration among our employees.